FeaturePoints Apps for IOS & Android

Hello my dear lovelies! Today I want to share with you about this cool apps called FeaturePoints. I have been using this apps for a while and I found that it’s a good app to earn rewards such as gift cards from itunes, google playstore, amazon, paypal etc. Why I suddenly use this app, you asked me? Oh well, I’m a huge fan of the game clash of clans. So I use this app to get itunes gift cards to get gems. Hehe.. So now let me explain further…

What is FeaturePoints?

This apps is popular in western countries. But not so much in Malaysia, I guess. Because when I do my research, not so much info I get from Malaysian users. Basically in Malaysia we have like Bonuslink, Kad Mesra etc to get points when we go shopping or buy fuel. After certain amount of points, we can redeeem a gift. Same concept applied to this app. After we install this apps to our smartphone (Iphone & Android), we can get points when download & try new free apps advertise inside FeaturePoints. It’s totally free! You only need to play with the downloaded apps for 30secs – 1minutes. After that, go back to FeaturePoints & boom! Your points will be credited. After that, you can simply choose to delete the apps you just downloaded. The more apps you try, the more points you will get! However, please don’t delete the apps you tried if the credit hasn’t been credited yet ok?

gambar ifon 2229

What is the App Offers?

Well, as you can see from the picture above, the apps consists of games & social tools. You just need to play the games 30 seconds to 1 minute & you’re good to go. I still keep some of the games because it’s just addicting to play it. Hehe..

gambar ifon 2225 gambar ifon 2226 gambar ifon 2227

How about the rewards I get?

The countries involved under rewards sections are Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom and Vietnam. And for other countries, we can choose for the Worldwide & the rewards under it is only PayPal USD Funds. But for me, I have US itunes account. So eventhough I’m in Malaysia, I can still use the itunes gift card to get gems for my clash of clans game. Hehe.. As you can see from the above pictures, you can redeem many rewards after you reach certain amount of points. The minimal amount of points to redeem rewards is 200 & you can get paid apps from AppStore for free. Yay!

Will I get rich if I use FeaturePoints?

Well, with my honest opinion, not so much. Since the new apps they advertise it’s quite limited per day. But on the first day you join, there are many apps to try & you can gain 300-500 points. This is a good way to earn extra coffee money, purchase online goods or to boost your favourite games from Apple product (Clash of Clans.. Ehem ehem…).

Ok, so how do I start using?

You can use my referrel link here http://featu.re/P22TEP and get 50 bonus points when you register with FeaturePoints.


You can go to featurepoints.com & download the apps directly from there. You can enter my referrel code: P22TEP & get 50 bonus points!

The apps will asked to install a profile on your phone. Don’t worry! It’s perfectly safe. It’s just a way for the system to detect how many apps you have tried & to give you the points you earned.

Is it legit? Is it safe?

Yes, it is! Don’t worry. FeaturePoints is a big company that advertise for many apps. They have their good reputation to maintained. You can read the Privacy & Policy from the apps. They will not spam you or give your details to the third parties.

Is there any other way to boost my points?

Yes! When you first register, you will be given your own referral code. Spread your referral code to your family & friends and receive 50% of the points they get when they downloaded the apps.

Is there an ‘express’ way to get more points?

I do a lot of research about this where people use VPN & hack to boost points because every country have different amount of apps to download. So they use VPN and set their device to different countries just to get more points. However, I strongly discouraged using that way because you can get caught when you downloaded random apps from other countries and you can get BANNED! You will no longer receive new apps to try & your points will not get increase further. I say, honesty is the best policy. Hehe..

Thanks for reading my blog & happy earning! If you have any doubts, you can leave a question below or go straight to the FeaturePoints website. ^_^